Rustic Gold - unfiltered, robust, strong - koroneiki/athinolia blend - 250ml

Rustic Gold - unfiltered, robust, strong - koroneiki/athinolia blend - 250ml

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Our Rustic Gold is made in the famous olive regions south of Iraklion. Cretans have been making oil here since Minoan times, using traditional methods. This oil is unusual for modern oils in that it is unfiltered. The oil is allowed to naturally sediment for 3 months before bottling. Unlike filtration - which is widely used in modern processing because of its speed - natural sedimentation allows the exra virgin cold pressed oil to settle slowly and naturally. Thus it retains components which add to flavour and health value.

The koroneiki olives used in our Rustic Gold are hand-picked and selected to produce an ideal mix of ripeness - and the result is this very robust, punchy but well-balanced oil, with its distinctive aroma, strong peppery after-taste and tang of bitterness.

Tasting Notes

Aroma and taste: Gentle aroma with warm leafy tones, as taste of predominantly herbaceous flavours in the mouth with a strongly leafy salad bowl including rocket and watercress. Bitter herbs continue to grow in intensity with pepper coming in quite strongly, both fading somewhat but lingering on into the green herby after taste.
 Style: Medium style oil with very well balanced bitterness and pepper and good fruit. 
Assessment: An essentially herbaceous character. Its consistent flavour tones continue through the aroma and taste and into the after-taste. 

Special health notes:
Olive oil made from the koroneiki olive is generally high in polyphenols, and our Rustic gold has >5mg/20g serving (about a table spoon); intake of just 20g/day of such polyphenol rich olive oil contributes to protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress

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