The Organizers

The Organisers




Stavia Blunt


Stavia is half Greek and half English and was born and raised in Kenya! She was a consultant neurologist in London for many years before embarking on a new career promoting the health and culinary virtues of the traditional Greek diet through her company Liquid Gold Products. A natural sequel was to show and share how these natural ingredients are prepared in traditional Greek style - here in London. Through sheer luck, or perhaps fate, the perfect team came together - 
and the Greek Dining Club was born.




lias is from Athens, and studied culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu in London from where he graduated in 1998. He has been a professional chef ever since with 5 star hotel and Michelin experience. He has lived and worked in Athens, Copenhagen, Norway and London. All of these different places and cultures helped him acquire a more rounded culinary approach and refine his cooking techniques. He enjoys cooking traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes with fresh ingredients, cooking everything from scratch with the use of the latest culinary techniques.




Eleftheria comes from Athens. She holds a Bachelors degree in Business and Marketing and is currently studying consumer and fashion psychology in London. She is one of the Managers for Liquid Gold Products. She has a firm footing in Greek food having worked in her brother's restaurant in Athens.




Anna has been working with Stavia since the very beginning, and is the Manager of Liquid Gold Cave. She is also a key person in the running of the Greek Dining Club events