Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils

In his epic tale the Iliad, Homer, the Ancient Greek writer,  describes the hero Odysseus emerging from a shipwreck and being bathed by damsels in 'Liquid Gold' - or, as we know it today, Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Olive oil still holds a special place in Greek life. It is eaten at every meal. It is used as a beauty product, soap, for lighting and heating, for anointing at the start and end of life. Its leaves are used as a crown for achievement (eg Olympic winners). And still - as in Ancient Greece - it is against the law to cut down an olive tree.

We have selected some of the best examples of Greek Liquid Gold. Every oil is personally chosen by Stavia Blunt with the help of Charles Quest-Ritson - both professional olive oil tasters. Stavia knows the producers personally, visits their olive mills, and obtains samples at every harvest. The oils are tested chemically for acidity and polyphenols - both markers of the quality and health value of the oil.

All our oils are extra virgin, cold pressed, cold extracted, and very low acidity.