Stavia Blunt


Liquid Gold Products was founded by Stavia Blunt in 2012 as a result of a dramatic re-think of her life path as a career Neurologist.  Having become disillusioned with the lack of emphasis that current Western medicine places on diet and lifestyle, she took a sabbatical to spend time in her mother land, Greece, researching the traditional Greek diet. This led to the idea of starting a business aimed at promoting the key ingredients of the super-healthy Greek version of the Mediterranean Diet. It was a steep learning curve, and for the next two years she travelled around Greece learning about traditional methods and products, and meeting many wonderful people along the way. 

Stavia soon discovered that there was far more to Greek productivity and creativity than the superb olive oils, honeys, herbs and other culinary delights. Gradually the portfolio has increased to include some fantastic indigenous wines, a vast range of natural care products, exquisite hand made jewellery and knives, various crafts, and gorgeous Cretan Ceramic Pots


Anna Siemasczko 

The Liquid Gold Cave is managed by Anna Siemasczko (left in photo), with assistance from Eleftheria Karipidi (middle) - shown here with Stavia on one of our Cretan Cookery Days - and Sadie Russell on weekends. 

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