Liquid Gold Cave
The Ancient Minoan Olive tree at Kavousi -
estimated to be 3000 years old and still bearing fruit

Homer's Liquid Gold - from The Odyssey
Our Company name comes from The Odyssy - where Homer refers to the beautifying effects of Liquid Gold as Odysseus bathes himself in it after surviving the ship wreck.

At the words of Princess Nausicaa
Her women soon called themselves to order.
They took Odysseus to a sheltered place
And set down a cloak and tunic nearby.
They gave him some oil in a golden flask
And led him to the rushing river's bank.
Then noble Odysseus found his voice:
“Ladies, please move away. I need to wash
My salty shoulders and anoint myself.
It's a long while since oil has touched my skin
And I won't bathe near you. I'd be ashamed
To show myself naked in front of you.”
They moved away and spoke with Nausicaa
While noble Odysseus washed in the stream.
He soaked the salt from his back and shoulders
And scoured the encrusted brine from his head.
When he had bathed and anointed himself
He put on the clothes, the Princess's gift.
Thanks to Athena, daughter of Zeus
He looked taller and stronger, and his hair fell
In tight dense curls, like Hyacinth petals.
Just as a craftsman endowed with great skill
By Hephaestus and Pallas Athena
Overlays silverware with liquid gold
And completes a beautiful work of art
So Athena poured grace over his body.

He sat at a distance by the sea's shore
While the Princess gazed at his graceful power,
Then spoke to her flowing-haired attendants.

The Odyssey, Book VI: lines 211-238
Translated into English by Charles Pigott, January 2013

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